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If you are really serious about the subject of making money online, I advice you to read this page from beginning to the end. You will gain lots of information that will improve your financial life in a big way. Invest just 10 minutes of your time and read this page to the last so you can get the right information and finally get started with making money online easily.

My name is Ken Ezeani and Iím the owner of several internet business start-ups. I run an online entertainment newspaper and I also have an employment network I created for the unemployed youths of this country. Today I want to tell you the big secret of how I make up to $1500 - $1650 from my several legitimate online businesses every month.

I also want to teach you the real ways to make money online in Nigeria. This particular online business I am about to reveal to you is my biggest source of income and it is what I do for a living. I work for about 2 to 3 hours everyday and I donít do anything else because I work from home the comfort of my home and I get very positive results from doing my internet businesses.

Please note that the businesses I am talking about is not yahoo yahoo or Forex or online betting, I am talking about the real legitimate internet businesses that any Nigerian can run from the comfort of their home or office to make money online monthly.

Anybody can do it, even you!

From what I have seen so far, I can assure you that this wonderful business is especially good If you are jobless, a student, graduate, youth copper, OND or HND holder, housewife, etc. It is also very good for people who have been looking for a better paying job and who want to invest their time to build a highly profitable business where the money keeps pouring in like water every month. Iíve also noticed that it is also very good and will be profitable for people who are already working but want an additional source of income that is very reliable.

I taught this online business to a friend of mine, look at the text message he sent me 3 weeks later.

Number covered for his privacy


A big secret

What Iím about to tell you is a highly guarded secret which only a few people know in Nigeria and which they are exploiting and using to rake in millions of naira every year. The owner of is also into this business and he is making thousands of dollars every month. The Internet is truly a wonderful place and only those that are smart enough to seize today the opportunities that abound at this early stage will be at the top and be raking in millions by the time other people find out this secret.

Very easy to do

It is very easy to do. You do not need any special computer skills or qualifications. Anybody can do what Iím doing and start making as much as Iím currently making. You can decide today to change the course of your life by starting your online business and Iím here to show you exactly what I did that Iím now making over Two hundred and fifty thousand naira EVERY MONTH. The best thing is that you can start this business without spending any money. I will teach you how to create a website and make money from it. I'll also show you all the foreign companies that will pay you big money to work for them online.

What does this mean?

It means you can start making money today without spending any money as initial capital investment unlike in most other businesses. This means that there is no risk at all on your part. You can even start today, right now. Think of all the things you can do with a ďsalaryĒ of N250,000 every month. You will have no more financial worries and you will be able to buy whatever you like and live comfortably. In fact you will be making more money than most of these so called bankers. Think about it. No more endless application letters, running and suffering over their dirty aptitude tests and begging employers. No more anxiety and worries when you start your own online business today.

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Story of My Life

Please bear with me, before I go on, let me just tell you about my life and my past. I came from a very poor background and I happen to be the first child in the family so all responsibilities were heaped on me as soon as I graduated from the University. Iím a graduate of the University of Lagos with a First Class in Banking & Finance.  My parents believed that it was my duty to take care of them and our poor family since I was now a graduate. The problem was, as at that time, there were no jobs. People got jobs based on connection. Even people who finished with good degrees like me couldn't secure a white collar job.

After my NYSC, I spent close to 4 years searching for a good job. We were living from hand to mouth and sometimes would not afford a 3 square meal. As time went on, I decided to start recharge card business so with the little money I had, I ventured into that and started selling recharge cards on the road side, very close to Ojuelegba in Lagos. I was so frustrated because this business was fetching me only about N19,000 every month and we were not able to survive on that.  I started trying out other kinds of business that you can think of but they all ended up as huge disappointments because nothing came out of them. I tried online betting, forex trading, binary, bulk sms, but they didn't work out for me. I kept on looking for a better paying job because I was tired of this hard life.

I Was Visited By An ANGEL

Then one day, a customer who came to buy airtime from me told me about an upcoming online business training. I attended the seminar and we were taught how to make real money from starting an online business. Till today I believe that customer was an angel from God. At that seminar I met real people who were actually making thousands of dollars every month from their own online business. People like Akin Alabi etc. Online business was their job and career, it was their own source of income. They did nothing else.

These online business gurus showed us how to do it and It was that seminar that changed my life and encouraged me to start my online business in 2009. I still continued doing my recharge card business and would go to a cyber cafe and practice the online business immediately after work.

The truth was that, for the first few weeks I made very little from all my hard work and almost gave up but I was motivated by the people I saw at the seminar. Sometimes I will call them and they will give me words of inspiration. I imagined that one day I will be like them so that kept me going. The Good Lord was also very faithful to me and gave me the strength to persevere.

Almighty God was by my side in all this

As the months went by and the business grew, my earnings started increasing rapidly. Very soon I was getting five times as much as I was earning with my recharge card business Eventually I decided to resign so that I could focus all my attention on running the business. My earnings continued to rise month after month and by the Grace of God, today I can say that I have finally become like the people I saw at that seminar.

I am now making thousands of dollars every month from the Internet. This is something that seemed like an impossible dream just less than a year ago. In fact can you imagine that in a week I now make more than 10 times the salary I used to receive in a whole month! Just by working for about 2 hours everyday from the comfort of my home.

Isnít it shocking? Believe it or not but thatís not the end. The most wonderful thing is that my earnings have been growing steadily every month and will keep increasing as the months go buy so imagine what I would be making in some years time. The good thing is that I run several online businesses so I make money from each of them separately. Just to prove to you that online business is real, see the amount of money I made from one of the businesses I do online in the month of March. N70,000 made in just 4 days straight to my bank account. See a screenshot of my bank account below. I made this money from one of the many online businesses I do.

Check out another screenshot below. 46,000 made straight to my account in 2 days.


See below, some of the transaction credit alerts I receive on daily basis from one of my internet business.

The business is not known to many

Not many people in Nigeria know about this business yet. In fact, the few that know this secret method of making money online are making thousands of dollars every month and never bother themselves applying for the jobs that are so scarce. Instead of applying for jobs, they are secretly making money from their online business and enjoying their life.

This is the secret of popular Nigerians like Linda Ikeji, Uche Eze, Seun Osewa and other internet millionaires. They run their own online business and never bother to apply for jobs that are so scarce. This is also the secret of some top Nigerian celebs. To be honest, many of them do online business. Some of these people even make up to N500,000 (more than $3,000) and above every month, just from two hours work everyday.

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How long does it take to start making money from this Business?

Success in this business depends on how dedicated and serious you are with it. If you start this online business today, you will start making reasonable money 10 days after you start it. If you are really dedicated and serious with the business, you may even start making money 7 days after you start it. Payments from your online business will go straight to your Nigerian bank account.

Why am I telling you my secret?

Ever since I started running my employment network Iíve been shocked at the thousands and thousands of people out there in Nigeria who are either jobless or working where they are grossly underpaid. Young hardworking graduates and ambitious youths wasting away and suffering in a country where there are no jobs. I felt moved because it reminded me of my own frustrated condition years back before I discovered this business.


The Online Success Kit

make money online

My desire to show job seekers and fellow Nigerians how to do this business inspired me to create my Online Success Kit a self explanatory ebook package that will teach you how to start making your won N248,000 on the internet ever month. In this ebook, I have explained every single thing I did, all the steps I followed, and all the step by step information you need to start doing all these top notch profitable internet businesses.

The purpose of making the ebook was to help other youths like me by teaching them exactly what I did so that they too can do the same and start making this kind of money.

The ebook explains everything you need to know to start this online business without any initial capital and begin to earn as much as Iím doing within a couple of months. No matter who you are, as long as you can browse the internet you can do it. You donít need to know anything about website design or computer programming or any of those difficult stuff. All you need to do is read the ebook and follow the simple instructions and guidelines that it contains and you will start making N248,000 naira within some few months, just like am doing. If it worked for me it will also work for you.

Here Are The Things You Will Learn From The Online Success Kit

1. How To Open A Clickbank Account as a Nigerian and start affiliate marketing that will start yielding a minimum of $50-$90 daily .

2. Facebook Autopilot secrets revealed. Learn how to turn your facebook account into an automated cash spilling ATM that will be producing cash on demand. You can make up to 30k -35k everyday guaranteed!

3. How To Create a free blog and start a profitable blogging business in Nigeria making up to N150k - 250k monthly from Adsense and AdDynamo .

4. Fiverr Cash secrets simplified, how to make money on selling hot gigs that would make you rich. You can make up to 50 dollars daily on

5. Information Marketing Business. How to create your sales page, squeeze page, choosing a niche market, driving traffic and making your cool cash.

6. Internet Marketing At a Glance. How to make over $100 daily doing your legitimate internet marketing business and receive your earnings in your bank account.

7. You will learn the most important element in every online business. Failure to know this simple element is the reason why most people fail in their online business. You will learn how to succeed and not fail

8. The ebook will also teach you how to open a verified Paypal account in Nigeria so you will have access to more profitable online business ventures.

9. How To Receive Your Payments Down Here In Nigeria Easily

Plus Several Other Wonderful & Exciting Bonuses That I cannot reveal here.


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I will also like to state here that I APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORT in making people have access to this WONDERFUL KNOWLEDGE, ESPECIALLY YOUNG GRADUATES LIKE ME that
really want a financial breakthrough in a very clean way.
Thanks and God bless.


Isolo, Lagos.


"Timely! For a long time Nigerians have desired to join the league of nations that have access to money making on the web. This book has brought home all the information we need. I will encourage every person who desires to make money on the web to grab this book. It will empower you. Kudos to Ken for a job well done."



5 Reasons Why You Should Grab Your Own Copy of The Online Cash Kit

  • If you're tired of being broke and you want to start a business that will be bringing profits everyday.

  • If you want to start a business that will be producing cash on demand, a business that will bring a huge amount of satisfaction and peace.

  • If you are a student and want a business to do so you'll never lack money ever again in school

  • If you are currently working and want to invest your free time in a profitable business that is sure of bringing good profits everyday.

  • If you want to have more free time to spend with your family and friends, if you want to have a business that will give you the freedom and peace you have ever wanted.

  • Also, if you want to stop living from hand to mouth, this online business is for you. This business is guaranteed to start producing real cash if implemented well.


Exclusive Bonuses You'll Receive

Your Online Success Kit  Also Comes With 2 Wonderful Bonuses. See The Bonuses Below.

Because I care about your total success in Life, I've Included another 2 exciting bonuses with your online business guide to guarantee you achieve everything you desire in life. This Online Business Manual is simply a MUST have for any serious Student of Success:



This ebook will teach you how to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations with unfailing mathematical certainty.



Free ebook on how to get loan without collateral in Nigeria. This particular ebook costs N3,000 but you will get it free.


What Is The Cost Of The Online Success Kit

How much do you think a sure guide like this will cost? This guide has been made so affordable that even a secondary school student will be able to get it. The online success kit does not cost






The Online success kit costs only N6,500. The reason why the price is so low is because we want every Nigerian who is really serious about online business to take up this offer.


How To Order Your Online Business Success Kit

Visit any First Bank or Guaranty Trust Bank nationwide and pay the sum of N6,500  to any of the accounts below. You can also make the payment via Internet/Mobile banking transfer.

Please note that this price you're seeing above is the discount bonus price which will last for only one week. By,  the Online Success Kit will return to the normal price of N7,500. So act fast and don't procrastinate. Is it not better to get this guide while it is still cheap?

NB: Try will never regret it.


Bank Name: First Bank Plc

Account Name: E-Business Technologies

Account Number: 202-3967-454


Bank Name: GTB

Account Name: Ezeani Kenechukwu

Account Number: 001-815-8204

"Receive your Package within 2 hours!"

After making your payment, send a notification message to 08138549767. Please include the following details in your message: 

  • Paid for Cash Kit,

  • Full Name,

  • Phone number,

  • Teller number

  • Email Address.

Once we confirm your payment. We will forward the online success kit and all the bonuses to your email immediately. You will just have to download the ebook to your mobile phone or computer, read everything in the guide then follow the step-by-step information. If you wish, you can print out the pages of the ebook.

If you're paying via internet banking, you don't need to send any teller number.

You can as well make payment with your banks ATM cards which ranges from all naira mastercards, visa etc by clicking the button below

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I urge you to order for your copy of this guide, study it, learn from it, use it to make money, then call us and give your testimony. Truth is, once the deadline reaches, the bonus will be over and the price of the package will automatically increase. Order for it now that you still have the chance. In fact, when the deadline reaches, Please DON'T BUY, go and try any of those 'get rich quick' programs out there. After you lose your money you will be back! By then the present price might have tripled or worse I may have decided not to accept any more new people.

60 days money back guarantee.

If you want to order, I insist you do so entirely at my risk. That is why your online success kit comes with a...60 day, no risk, no hassle, 100% unconditional money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk on your part with this 100% money back guarantee.


I am at a greater risk than you are

You stand to gain information that will change your financial life in a very BIG way. On the other hand, if indeed I turn out to be a fraud, then you only stand to lose an insignificant N6,500 compared to what I will have to lose. On my part, if I am a fraud, I am risking about 10 years of my life in a prison for N6,500! - very stupid isn't it?

You have my contact details; my name, my email address, my registered Business Name and my bank account details - which has my contact address including my passport photographs. I opened this account with my International Passport as Identification and my Mother is one of my referees! I want you to know that I have a very brilliant mind. And that if I were criminally inclined; with what I know about the Internet and applied human psychology, I wouldn't be after N6,500!

The die is now cast and your decisions, the seeds of your tomorrow are always in your hands - sow them accordingly to reap the bountiful dividends you desire. If you desire a mango tree tomorrow - plant a mango tree today...and if you want a money tree within the next 24 hours - invest in your financial education.

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